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Slateboard has started video newsletter Feed for Health
Premiere at final Conference
The management team of the Feed for Health COST Action had decided a few months ago to give a follow up of the 1st successful newsletter of the COST Action. However this time the newsletter will appear as a video. The Dutch video production company Slateboard has started the production. Video shootings were made at the COST Office in Brussels and an extra video shooting was carried out in the Netherlands. Various members of the management were interviewed. The video news letter is aiming to give a comprehensive overview of the activities of the COST Action as well suggestions for future research in the feed for health chain.
At this moment the editing process of all the video shooting has started. Joop Luten is coordinating the production on behalf of the COST Action. He went recently to the editing suite of Slateboard to work together with Jurgen Richter, the video producer.  ‘It is a very challenging production for me as SME. In fact it is our first production of a scientific oriented video. So far we have been involved in many other type of productions. But it is really great to work together with all the scientists involved’ says Jurgen Richter of Slateboard. ‘We are really looking forward to have the premiere of the film at opening of the final Conference.
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Premiere video newsletter Milan
Slateboard has started video newsletter Feed for Health
Feed Technology workshop
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Newsletter Feed for Health
Cheila Almeida (SIK, University of Lisboa) visited Nofima
Invited speakers Feed your knowledge! workshop
Workshop ‘Feed your knowledge! Healthy feed to healthy food’.

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