About Feed for Health COST Action

As in human nutrition, concepts in animal nutrition are changing. Optimal nutrition is now considered fundamental whereas in the past adequate nutrition was considered sufficient. Optimal nutrition implies that feeds must be considered not only in terms of their nutritional properties but also in terms of their ability to promote health and protect against disease. The health of the animal is fundamental in determining the quality, safety and wholesomeness of foods of animal origin for human consumption. This COST Action aims to create a research network concerned with: the role of animal nutrition in improving animal health; the role of animal nutrition in designing functional foods for humans; and the development of the concepts of feed safety, feed quality and feed functionality, as counterparts of these ideas as they are currently applied foods for humans. The main task of the network will be to promote the acquisition and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge in these areas and encourage cooperation between various groups working in the area.

Abstract Feed for Health March 2009
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