Main aim:

  • To develop an integrated and collaborative network of research groups that focuses on the roles of feed and animal nutrition in improving animal health and also the quality, safety and wholesomeness of human foods of animal origin.

This aim implies the facilitation of cross-talk between research projects and groups that are studying areas such as:

  • Animal nutrition and its effects on the health and well-being of food-producing animals
  • Land animals nutrition and aquaculture nutrition
  • Feed production systems and technology for improving animal performance and welfare
    Analysis of feeds with the aims of improving nutritional value, identifying new quality markers and developing reliable methods of feed authentication and detection of contaminants
  • Relations between feed and food safety and feed and food quality and functionality
  • Protocols and models quantify bioavailability and functionality of specific compounds and nutrients in feed and food
  • Design of functional and nutritious foods of animal origin that can have human health benefits over and above basic nutrition
  • Additional objectives will be to facilitate standardization of protocols, the collection storage and statistical analysis of data, and cross-fertilization in animal and human nutrition research

Objectives Feed for Health
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