Who will benefit?

Beneficiary end users of the expected results of the COST Action will be:

European Institutions

The results provided by the Action may serve as basis for suggesting new regulations in the areas of feed, livestock production, and food.

Feed and food agencies and authorities

The results obtained will be useful for developing and promoting the concepts that feed and food safety, and feed and food quality and functionality, are equivalent. These developments are expected to contribute to the development of methods to test unsubstantiated claims for feed and food properties, with possible implications for labeling. 

Control of feed and food quality and safety

By networking research groups that are studying different aspects of feed quality and safety it will be possible to improve the availability of methods for feed authentication and detection of contaminants, contributing to the improvement of existing control systems across the EU.

Livestock production system.

A succession food crisis has severely shaken the publics’ confidence in the livestock production and food supply systems. The dissemination of the results generated by the Action will improve confidence in food products from animals, and enhance public perception of their value. This Action will provide an opportunity to integrate within a single network the work and the results of research groups in land animal production and aquaculture, with expected cross fertilization benefits.

European consumers

One result of the Action will be to improve the quality of information available to the consumer, to thereby increase awareness about animal food production and control systems, and as a consequence, improve consumer confidence in the quality and safety of animal food products (which in some cases are considered suspicious).

Target groups March 2009
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