Interaction with other programmes adn focus on young researchers

Coordination and organisation
A Management Committee (MC) was established at the first formal meeting of the COST Action in December 2008 in accordance with existing COST regulations. The MC will meet twice a year, usually in conjunction with other meetings, to review progress, discuss and co-ordinate future activities and ensure satisfactory integration of the objectives laid out in this COST Action.

The MC will also be responsible for stimulating and initiating short-term scientific missions (STSM). STSM will represent an essential tool to promote the acquisition, stimulate interactions between laboratories and transfer of techniques, facilitate the dissemination and encourage cooperation between the different research groups. It is the aim that STSM will start in the 2nd half of 2009 and will continue dueing the life-time of the Action. Applications for STSMs will be considered by a sub-group of the MC established for the purpose, but final decision on funding will be taken by the MC as a whole. Reports of the outcome of each STSM will be required and will be reviewed by the MC in relation to the scientific objectives of the Action.

Liaison and interaction with other research programmes

The COST Action will promote the acquisition, facilitate the dissemination and encourage the utilization of knowledge on these topics. Key factors for this will be to improve and ensure  links to the Feed safety platform, the Global Animal Health TP, the Food for Life TP, together with the running  6th FP  projects such us SAFEEED, LIPGENE, BIOTRACER2, REPLACE, Feed for PIG HEALTH and SAFEWASTES and others.

Interaction with other running Cost Actions (e.g. FA0602, 927, 867) will be promoted.  Teamwork with feed and food industry organizations namely the European Feed Manufacturers Federation-FEFAC, EU Feed Additives and Premixtures Association-FAFENA, International Fishmeal and Oil Organisation IFFO, European Fat Processors and Renders Association-EFPRA, Confederation of the food and Drink industries of the EU-CIAA, would be reinforced. In this frame, COST is an excellent instrument for networking research projects conducted under a wide variety of local conditions contributing in the meanwhile  to the homogeneity of research approach as far as their objectives, methodology and data analysis.

Gender balance and involvement of early-stage researchers

This Action will respect an appropriate gender balance in all its activities and the MC will place this as a standard item on all its MC agendas. The Action will also be committed to considerably involve early-stage researchers. For this purpose special attention will be paid to involving women and young researchers at all the management and scientific levels of the Action.
In order to monitor gender balance and involvement of early-stage researchers for the Action, scientific leadership and workforce statistics analysing type of position [Scientific team leader, experienced researcher (> 4 years, early researcher (<= 4 years), PhD students], and gender balance (Number of Women/Men and their incidence) will be compiled by each participating centre and included in the interim and final COST reports.

Organisation March 2009
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