Analysis consumer perception of live stock production
Identify communication channels

Working Group 4 Consumer concerns and perceptions will review the status in this area of live stock production and come up with suggestiosn for future activities. Repeated food crises and scandals have severely shaken public confidence in the food supply industry and augmented consumer concerns about the quality of raw materials used in animal feed and in human food. The livestock and aquaculture sectors have responded by adopting traceability as an important guarantor of food safety. Traceability enable consumers to know the origin of products they so they can make informed purchasing choices. Traceability implies that the ingredients of all products can be traced throughout the entire manufacturing process so that if any safety problem arises its source can be located and the problem resolved. However, in spite of this progress, consumer knowledge about livestock production systems and their effects animal health and food quality remains limited.

Working Group 4 Consumer concerns and perceptions objectives:
1. Analyze consumer perceptions of livestock production systems.
2. Examine the preoccupations of consumers as regards the effects of feed production processes on animal health and on the quality and safety of the resulting food products.
3. Evaluate cultural and demographic differences in consumer perceptions and awareness of feed processing technologies;  evaluate the attitudes of consumers to scientific innovations in the area of feed production and their effects on animal welfare and human welfare.
4. Evaluate the sources that consumers use to obtain information about foods of animal origin.
5. Identify communication channels for the optimal dissemination of updated information on livestock safety and health to consumers (e.g. professional organisations, popular science papers etc)

WG4 Objectives March 2009
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