Ambitious dissemination plan
Meetings, publications, workshops etc


Dissemination of the results and outcomes of the Action are recognised as being very important since the final goal of the Action is to create a research network that is focused on the nutritional optimization and feed safety of all farm animals (including fish), in relation to both food safety and functionality of animal derived products. therefore, the targeted audience of this Action includes a wide range of potential beneficiaries, covering mainly:

  • International agro-food policy makers
  • Government (national) policy makers
  • Research institutes and academia
  • Technological Platform frameworks (as Global Animal Health Platform, Safeed Platform)
  • Feed and food industry
  • Consumer organisations
  • General public 


In addition to the normal publication of COST interim and final reports, dissemination will be achieved through various means to reach different target audiences.

Workshops and meetings: A number of structured events will be organized intended to promote discussion and collaboration. The events proposed are workshops and meeting, each supported by the Action. Possible joint meeting with other major animal-nutrition scientific events will be evaluated. Each type of event is of a different scale and purpose, but together offer the flexibility to respond to a very rapidly growing and changing area of science. Target audiences for workshops and meetings will be: other researchers working in the field, research institutes and academia, feed industry, food industry

Web site: To facilitate a continuing dialogue a web site would be developed. In order to ensure that the Action web site will serve the dissemination purposes effectively as well as facilitating communication, it will be designed to include the following information: 

  • A list of the official members and all other participants
  • Structure and activities of the Action
  • Previous and forthcoming events, including MC meetings and workshops
  • Proceedings of the workshops run by the Action
  • Links to other appropriate web sites; for example other organisations, COST Actions, EU projects, platform, and European areas involved in a related field. 

Publications: Position papers, non-technical publications as well as scientific papers will be published to disseminate the Action results. Joint review articles will be written as a roadmap to research and innovation by each WG (at least).  These will be published in a dedicated issue of an international peer reviewed scientific journal. This latter will allow a further dissemination to the animal and human nutrition communities of the scientific progress in the feed for health arena. 


The workshops within this Action will allow researchers from non-signatory countries, representatives of national government and European departments and agencies, and representatives of industry to have the opportunity to acquire information concerning the progress and results of the Actions scientific programme, and to interact and directly communicate with the scientists participating in the Action. Workshops topics and themes will be decided in order to attract not only researchers and participant from non-signatory countries, but also participant from related fields.
Working group and workshop participants will be encouraged to publish their work in articles in scientific and technical journals, and to provide non-technical summaries for drawing attention to their work. Non-technical reports summarizing the findings and their relevance will be produced by the MC for distribution to the major European animal production societies, via COST national representatives.

Dissemination plan
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