Nutrient digestion and metabolism in the various organs and tissues of the body
Post genomic, proteomic and metabonomic techniques

Aarhus University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition

The main objective of the research group Nutrition and Production Physiology in this Department is to produce scientific knowledge on the physiological basis for nutrient digestion and metabolism in the various organs and tissues of the body with consideration to animal health and productivity as well as the nutritional value of the products and their effect on human health. The more specific objectives are:

  • To conduct research aimed at increasing the knowledge on the composition and quality of feed as well as digestion and absorption of energy, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and specific feed and food components such as phyto-chemicals
  • To increase the scientific knowledge on nutrient metabolism, physiological regulation of growth development and function of the different organs and tissues of the body and well as the nutrient requirement of the animals for the various body function considering health and productivity
  • To increase the scientific knowledge on the effect of nutrition on the composition of animal products and their content of bioactive components of relevance for human health and food quality
  • To strengthen biological knowledge base on nutrition and production physiology using post genomic, proteomic and metabonomic techniques as well as animal and cell biology models to study the effect of nutrients and bioactive components.

Some recent and present projects related to COST action:

  • Tailored milk and human health – a national scientific research network
  • BYG din MAD – Build your food –
  • Infect-obesity
  • Milk and would healing in the digestive tract
  • Phytoestrogens in milk and human health
  • CLA, milk fat composition and human health
  • Hormones and growth factor in milk
  • DANED- DANish network for Endocrine Disruptors
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