Themis Altintzoglou (Nofima Marin) visit University of Ghent
Two articles written

1. Purpose of the STSM

The aim of this visit was the collaboration between young researchers in order to produce academic publications.

2 . Description of the work carried out during the visit

Very interesting data related to the perception of information about risks and benefits of aquaculture, being a livestock production system, have been collected within another finished Coordination Action EU project (CONSENSUS; 6th Framework Programme thematic priority “Food Quality and Safety” contract FOOD-CT-2005-513998) and reported on headlines at a conference. In depth-analysis of data and publication within the context of Feed for Health COST Action was deemed very relevant. The data consisted of consumers’ reactions to balanced, non-persuasive messages about the safety risks, health benefits, sustainability and the application of European law and guarantees which accompany fish farming. The effect of this information on attitudes towards fish from aquaculture was surveyed in a representative sample of consumers from Belgium, Norway and Spain.

The first part of the two week visit was used to plan papers and perform the data analysis and report the material and methods used in the study. This very important stage took place by means of meetings, discussions and intensive collaboration between the researchers involved.

Due to the amount of interesting findings in the data, the deliverable of this short term scientific mission was the production of two draft academic publications. The development of the academic manuscript took place by means of parallel work and daily meetings. Finally, the first draft versions of the complete academic publications were written. The work load for this exchange was equally distributed and each stage was discussed between the guest and host scientists and finalised.

3 Description of the main results obtained

The manuscripts were ready to be finalised and submitted for publication after the end of the short term scientific mission. Financial support from the Feed for Health COST Action will be acknowledged in the final submitted manuscripts.

4 Future collaboration with host institution

The collaboration with the host institute was considered very successful. Based on the successful collaboration during this short term scientific visit, the host and guest institutes will continue their collaboration. The continuation of this collaboration will be achieved by means of finalising and following the publication of the scientific articles and by means of further collaborative writing in the future.

5 Projected publications/articles resulting or to result from the STSM

The articles to result from this short term scientific mission are currently titled (working titles):
a) “The image of fish from aquaculture after exposure to balanced information”  and
b) “Does fish origin matter to European consumers? Insights from a consumer survey in Belgium, Norway and Spain”

Themis Altintintzoglou visit STSM
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