Doreen Gille visited Nofima Norway
Development questionnaire for Health consciousness of the Swiss elderly study

Purpose of the visit
The main aim of the stay with Nofima was the development of a consumer questionnaire with the topic „Health consciousness of the Swiss elderly“. Especially, the improvement of technical knowledge for creating a survey was a central point of the short term scientific mission.  

Description of the work carried out during the visit
In a first step, we discussed ALP’s first consumer survey which we conducted in 2008/2009. Thereby, we identified unfavorable asked questions and analyzed methodological mistakes in regard to scales, for instance. Subsequently, we debated some technical aspects including possible options to recruit volunteers, the maximum time to complete such a questionnaire as well as other survey experiences done by Nofima. Finally, we developed the first draft of a consumer survey including 50 questions which are focusing on the health consciousness of the Swiss elderly, especially in regard to milk/dairy products and meat/meat products. This work implies many discussions basing upon the experiences and knowledge of the host as well as an extensive literature research by the applicant.

Description of the main results obtained
The main result of my stay with Nofima is the first version of a consumer survey which will be completed during the following weeks. Furthermore, we designed a course with the further proceeding which means: 1) further development of the questionnaire, 2) conducting of qualitative studies (interviews) in order to ameliorate the quality of the consumer survey, 3) clarification of the method how to recruit the volunteers, 4) carrying out of the questioning, 5) data analyses and 6) publishing the results. In addition, we generated an interview guide for the conducting of the qualitative studies.    

Future collaboration with host institution
The STSM-collaboration between the two institutions was successful and, especially for the applicant, very helpful. This collaboration will be continued in terms of further evaluations of the questionnaire by the host institution. Finally, a concerted publication with the generated data will be written as soon as possible.
A close collaboration is also planned on a long-term basis including scientific advice, further exchanges or presentations.

Projected publications/articles resulting or to result from the STSM
This kind of project did not yet allow the production of an article. Nevertheless, the final aim will be a concerted publication.

Doreen Gille STSM
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